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Edouard Cortès
Volume I
Author : Nicole Verdier

This first catalogue presents the life and painted works of Edouard Cortès
until 1940; it gathers chronologically a substantial amount of previously
unpublished material on the artist who was acclaimed both in Europe and
the United States during his lifetime.  

Articles by art columnists of the day have made it possible to highlight
the artist’s very personal innate and acquired talents; the previous generation
of painters; his active role in sharing his belief that
“My origins  and my life are in painting”

Edouard Cortès was born in France on 1882.
His father, who was of an aristocratic lineage of painters and academics
from Spanish Andalusia, passed on to him the precepts of harmony
that unite Nature with Man.
Brought up among painters, drawers,
engravers, poets, and writers at the end of the nineteenth century,
by the early twentieth century he asserted the beginnings of a poetic
pictorial work that he improved, throughout his life.


Publisher : Contexte
ISBN : 2-9518619-0-7

Format : 30.5 x 23.5 cm
Number of pages : 330
Texte : French et English

Color illustrations : 560
Cloth bound cover
Dust jacket illustrated

14 rue Sarrette - 75014 Paris - France
E-mail : [email protected]